Blackheart Honeymoon is getting ready to release a new album. The first track has been released and you can listen to it below. I included some info about them from their website in case you want to know more. 

My Opinion

The music is fresh. They have a unique sound. Ian, their chief songwriter, has put together a lot of waltzes for their early offerings. I think it's cleverly done; putting modern lyrics and subject matter to waltz rhythms. Their newer songs have opened up their range and they are incorporating more pop and rock style, but it's still got their unique twist.

Vocally the sound is interesting. Ian kind of goes along like a crooner then busts into a rasp that is quite effective. Adrienne balances him with a sweet voice and great harmony.

Steve's guitar leads are inventive. No blazing shreds here, just perfectly placed notes and well chosen scales and modes. He's complemented with Wes's upright base and solid drumming by Dusty. 

Overall a great sound, easy to listen to, and great entertainment. Give it a listen.The video is a sampler...


Kind of a cross between country and folk with rock overtones. 


Ian and Wesley are best friends going all the way back to Boy Scouts and have always shared a passion for roots music. When Ian began writing folk-y, alt-country songs and hitting the open mics during his stint in film school, it made perfect sense to team up with his old scouting buddy. They added Steve Andrea on lead guitar and a few more guys, then recorded a six song e.p. at Kill Room Studios in 2013.

The CD was well received by fans and critics and is currently represented through the Play Network, helping put Blackheart Honeymoon into the ear holes of shoppers at the Gap, Nordstrom's and Starbucks around the country.

Then, half the band quit to do other stuff.

So, Ian, Wes & Steve tracked down Dusty and Adrienne, and for the past two years, the quintet has been rapidly entrenching itself in Seattle's roots-rock/americana/indie-rock community. Their second performance together was for CW11’s local hit television show, Band in Seattle (aired March 2014). Now, the group regularly gigs around town, sharing the stages of the Crocodile, Tractor, High Dive, and the Sunset with other up & coming hopefuls like Star Anna, Prom Queen, Vaudeville Etiquette, and the Swearengens.

Their current sound, while culling influence from classic American artists like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and the Byrds, ends up sounding more like Neutral Milk Hotel teamed up with Fleetwood Mac and made a record with Fleet Foxes producing. They often draw comparisons to Wilco, Ryan Adams and the New Pornographers, as well.

BHH returned to Kill Room Studios last February to record twelve new tracks for their debut full-length, “Mountains Speak” (street date: 8/7/15), with producer, Ben Jenkins (Hobosexual, Walking Papers, Young Evils). Followed by a session at Bear Creek to make a single for Lost Hymn Recordings with Jerry Streeter (Lumineers, Brandi Carlile). Their studio chops are getting as tight as their live show, a sweeter spectacle you will seldom witness!