I've wanted one of these for a while, and there is a guy who makes a really nice one and sells it on e-bay, but I don't want to shop there, and I don't have much money. So I made one and it only took about a half hour and no skill whatsoever. (The one you can buy looks really nice, this one will look like you made it unless you have more skills than me :)


Here's what you need.

1. A plastic water bottle.

2. A standard mic clip.

3.  Something that hardens like steel. I used Fiber Fix Rigid Patch. $12.99 at Home Depot.


Step One:

Start by cutting your plastic bottle in half lengthwise. Then cut a section from a plastic bottle that will fit your microphone. Leave it a little on the large side, then put the 1/2 bottle neck into the mic clip, and set the mic in it to draw a line for cutting the shape. See the next picture.



Step Two:

Put the threads from the bottle section into the mic clip, and check it for fit. If you're bottle is the right size it will fit snugly. Adjust the angle of the mic clip to make sure it's going to have enough support and the cord and volume control sit well.


Step Three: 

Cut the fiber patches into three strips. I cut through the packaging to minimize exposure to light. The resin cures on exposure to ultra-violet rays. Never having worked with it before, I didn't want to take any chances that it would harden too soon. So I left it in the packaging until the last minute.



Step Four:

Put three strips of patch on the clip and bottle. Start with two vertical strips connecting the mic clip to the bottle. One side of the patch material has a black plastic, the other side has a clear plastic. Peel off the black plastic and place the first strip. Do the same with a parallel strip. If you can get this into some direct sunlight these two strips will turn white and harden almost immediately.  Then cross it with the third strip.

Now just wait until it turns white.

NOTE: I didn't wait for the first two strips to cure before I put on the third strip. There is a clear plastic coating on the outside that peels off after the patch is hard. It's probably better to cure the first two strips, then peel off the plastic before adding another layer. I didn't do that, so I have a clear plastic piece sandwiched in there. I am going to guess that it might make for a weaker bond. So if I do this again, I will let the first two strips set up before adding the crosspiece.




Step Five:

Remove the plastic bottle (although that's probably not absolutely necessary, and might not be possible if it sticks in there.). You can use sandpaper to smooth and shape the edges. I added a coat of paint.


I suppose if I wanted to spend a some time I could add more patches, and refine the shape or make it wider for a more secure hold on the mic, but this seems to be working the way it is. The basic process is easy.

micholder6 IMG 02501
Works fine! A little paint and it will look fine on-stage.