I supply hosting as a GoDaddy (Wild West Domains) Reseller under the URL http://dashonline.com. Wild West Domains is a reseller for GoDaddy, that is now being incorporated under the GoDaddy umbrella. 

The reason for starting this was to accomodate my customers, and also to learn exactly what competing services were offering. Using this reseller system I can supply all the services of a world class hosting provider and 24/7 service for hosting and email accounts. This had unexpected results.

This was a good solution that allowed the servicing of very small clients as well as enterprise level. Originally this was my plan for capturing the low end of the market with minimal effort. What I found, though, is that it had a life of it's own and grew through word of mouth and on the web, so that it has become a sustainable small business that requires little or no management.

Start your own web business.


If you would like to have a business just like dashonline.com for yourself, you can become a reseller by going to http://dashcomputersonline.com/ and sign up for an account. You can read all about it there.


I have been doing this for 15 years and have been very satisfied with the opportunity and the ease of use of this reseller program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be in business for themselves. (Disclosure statement: If you follow the link and do sign up as a reseller, I will receive a commission.)