Little by little I am building the garden, but also building the blog. I finally got around to taking pictures of almost everything. I intend to take pictures every month and let you see the progress of the garden. If you want to keep up, bookmark this page and come back in a month to see the changes. In the meantime, I will write articles about what happens and what I learn. Comments are welcome. Please add your advice or comment to anything you like. I you love it, I hope you'll share with others through social media.

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The first crop is ready and I learned a very important lesson and some things about growing radishes that they don't tell you in most garden guides.


I had no idea what to buy when I went to buy seeds. So I just went by the picture. I chose a picture that looked like real radishes instead of the ones that were styled to look deliciious and perfect. I figured those pictures were lies. If you have a good radish, it should speak for itself. Unfortunately, the radishes I got didn't live up to the picture.