Little by little I am building the garden, but also building the blog. I finally got around to taking pictures of almost everything. I intend to take pictures every month and let you see the progress of the garden. If you want to keep up, bookmark this page and come back in a month to see the changes. In the meantime, I will write articles about what happens and what I learn. Comments are welcome. Please add your advice or comment to anything you like. I you love it, I hope you'll share with others through social media.

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The first attack by the enemy. Illegally crossing boundaries and claiming territory.


About two hours before I took this picture, the ground was undisturbed. Then I saw the first evidence of encroachment. Looks like they used explosives to clear the land for their bunker.

They plan to stay.


They think they're clever. They think I won't notice their secret back door. A mistake on their part. I'm not sure how I'll use this intelligence, but it may become important if early measures don't discourage them.

The trap. Walk the plank to certain death.


After a huge amount of internet research I constructed what is supposed to be the ultimate rat catcher. The dreaded bucket trap. I saw several iterations of this and the Pirate Plank version appealed to me. The rats walk out to the end of the plank. It tips under their weight. Splash! Into the drink. The bucket is filled about half way. Deep enough that they can't jump out. Oh, can they jump. Beware if you actually confront one. Up your pants leg in a second, or leaping high and straight for your neck, they can be deadly.

Details, in case you get involved in a skirmish.


I cut this mushroom out of some scrap. You probably don't need this shape, a straight plank would work, but I wanted them to get a false sense of security by being able to explore safely. So a gave them enough room to lure them to the point of no return.


A saw kerf across the back holds the wire pivot, which sits in a couple of notches I cut in the edge of the bucket. The plexiglas (or any smooth material) holds the pivot in place and provides a lip to sit on the end of the bucket. Bait goes on the end. Pebbles compensate for the weight of the bait. The rat crawls out on the the platform, feeling totally secure, but once he passes the pivot point. HA!

I smeared peanut butter (several professional exterminators have told me that it is irresistible to rats) on the end of the Pirate Plank, and some on the ramp to lure them up, and now I wait.

Let's just see who's the clever one here. tomorrow - the results.

More peanut butter, but still no rat for the next couple of days. However he has sent in more minions for threat neutralization. Is all of nature against me?

Did you read Leinigan vs. the Ants?


It's a short story, look it up, it's a good read. They made a movie out of it, which was a bit corny, but I enjoyed it anyway.


Not a great picture, but you can see them marching in striaght ine, right up the ramp. These troops are very organized. They seem to be a very good tool of their rat masters.

I'm giving it one more day, then changing tactics. I have more weapons in my arsenal!

Not what I expected, and can hardly be explained!

The bait magically disappears!


Ok, there was peanut butter smeared all over the end of this board yesterday. Now nothing??????? No evidence of rat visitation. I believe the rats have called on their crow allies to neutralize the threat. But I can't prove it. However, the rat left me a message.


The little monster threw dirt on the ramp just to let me know he's too smart for me. His disdain is only increasing my determination.

I'm going to wait him out. The experts swear peanut butter is irresistible. Yeah, well they weren't dealing with a well fed rat. And they weren't counting crows. (Hmm, sounds like a good name for a band). I'm going to try and wait this out. We'll see...

The first crop is ready and I learned a very important lesson and some things about growing radishes that they don't tell you in most garden guides.


I had no idea what to buy when I went to buy seeds. So I just went by the picture. I chose a picture that looked like real radishes instead of the ones that were styled to look deliciious and perfect. I figured those pictures were lies. If you have a good radish, it should speak for itself. Unfortunately, the radishes I got didn't live up to the picture.


Getting started. Techniques. Structures. Tools and whatever.